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"I can always count on J.Q. to deliver the goods. She is always on the set early, knows her lines without any hesitation, and always brings life to any character. J.Q. is a director's dream come true!" - Graham Wellington, Director
"J.Q. is the easiest actor I have ever worked with. She is very aware of how she figures in the big picture. She doesn't try to steal the scene..but always does!" - A. G. Smith, Producer
"J.Q. is a real gem. She can portray any character that I throw her way. She always taps right into the tone and inner workings of every character she portrays. I know she will do great things!" - Shelby Mustang, Director
"I assure you, J.Q. will be a household name in the not too distant future. She is one promising actor!" - C.A. Dillac, Casting Agent
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